Norcold Cooling Unit Recall

Important Safety Recall Information for Norcold RV Refrigerators

  • 1200, 1201, 1210 and 1211, 4 door refrigerators, installed on vehicle models 1997-2010, with cooling unit serial numbers ranging from 700000 to 13085759.
  • Models N6xx-N8xx, 2 door refrigerators, installed in vehicles during 1999-2000, having cooling units with serial numbers from 1038000 to 1099000.

Newer vehicle model years may have recall refrigerators installed as a result of purchased replacements. If your unit was replaced under a previous recall, it may be involved with the current recall, so please call 1-800-767-9101.

Any of these refrigerators should be shut off immediately and not be used until it has been repaired.

For more information about the important safety recall, click links below:

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